A crowd of Pub Crawlers spends time at the American Legion before heading to their next stop.

by Dave Warner

The 2019 Little Falls Pub Crawl is in the books now, and it looks like it brought out a good crowd and raised more than $950.00 for charity.

The 12th annual event was held Black Friday Night at seven different locations throughout the City. According to organizer Katie Drake, “We’ve been doing this for a lot of years. We’ve raised over $10,000 for the Gram Lorraine Children’s Christmas Fund, which buys coats, boots, gloves, and hats for kids right here in Little Falls.”

“It’s a unique event because it’s drinking for children and it’s just a really nice way around the holidays to get everybody together and spread the business out amongst a whole different bunch of establishments in Little Falls, not just the ones downtown,” she said.

Drake said that it was really nice to see everyone out and about and that a lot of folks look forward to the event each year. “We really push making sure that you have a designated driver, which is really important to us,” she stated.

In all the years that they’ve been doing it, she doesn’t believe that they’ve had any incidents or even one DUI during the event. “It’s really impressive and kind of a testament to the people that come out and the community, making sure that people walk, or make smart decisions.”

When asked if there was anything different about the event this year, she replied, “I’m not drinking this year, it’s a different experience for me.” (Drake is pregnant with her first child)

Drake said, “I get the pins made, put up a few posters, put it out on social media, and we get a great turnout.”

She estimates that anywhere from 200 to 350 people participate in the event. “It’s designed so that people can come to just one stop or they can drift in and out. Then there’s the crew that comes out to hit all the stops. It’s nice.”

According to Drake, Ed and Buds sold the largest number of pin’s – 50.  Plans for next year, include a contest that will allow people to submit their design for the 2020 pin.