Prior to the Communist China caused pandemic, America’s economy was booming like never before. Following the election of President Trump and Claudia Tenney in 2016, the stock market hit all-time highs and jobless claims were at a 50-year low. African Hispanic and Asian American unemployment achieved their lowest levels ever recorded. They helped add millions of new jobs, including manufacturing jobs. Together they passed the biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history and they greatly strengthened border security for America.

We can’t afford to let Socialist leaning politicians like Anthony Brindisi continue to erase the progress our country has made.

We need to bring back the Trump/Tenney team working for us to help keep Making America Great Again. So, I urge all voters in the 22nd Congressional District to please elect Claudia Tenney back to Congress and re-elect President Trump in order to keep our great country moving in the right direction and free of socialism.

Jim Zecca
Utica, NY 13501