by Dave Warner

A good sized crowd attended the musical “A Midsummer Night’s Scream” at Benton Hall on Saturday night. The Larry Sargeant production benefitted the Little Falls Rotary Scholarship Fund.

The premise of the play was one of North American native lore, which had numerous mythological creatures such as the Wendigo, Old Stonecoat, and the terrifying Iroquois Flying Head. The story of the Flying heads accepted by local historians was that they came from victims of ancient murders.

As such, they themselves became evil. As bodiless giant heads, they sought to satisfy a need for human flesh. In 1974, an incident gave rise to fears that these terrifying monsters had re-emerged in Little Falls.

According to Patricia Talaba, President of the Rotary Club of Little Falls, “This supports scholarships for high school seniors. We’ve given out over $60,000 worth of scholarships throughout the years. Larry (Sargeant) writes and directs the play and he’s been doing it since 1994.”

Talaba went on to say “This is a musical and it involves students, community members, and Rotarians. Our pianist is Janet Shuster and Dan Anthony does the sound. Alexandra Puznowski does our costuming, Linda Wagner was on the ball with ad sales and we had a lot of parents’ support. This is really a nice event that involves so much of the community.”

“We even have a couple of Rotarians in the play. Mary Puznowski and her husband Paul are in the play and Mary is the Mayor of Dolgeville. It’s enjoyable…we’re amateurs, but the kids do the sets and it’s a lot of fun. We’re very fortunate that Benton Hall allows us to use this beautiful facility,” said Talaba.