by Dave Warner

The Herkimer County Historical Society hosted a Murder Mystery Dinner called ‘A Trivial Murder’ at the Travelodge on Saturday. The packed house of more than 100 guests got the chance to participate in Cynthia Quakenbush’s mystery based on the Herkimer County Trivia game.

The premise for the fundraiser was a taping of the game show “Who Knows Herkimer History?” with hosts Gary “Herk” Henderson. The original host died under mysterious circumstances and the challenge was to guess who the murderer was.

According to Society Director Susan Perkins “We sold out for the show. The actors go around and talk to the people as they come in and then everyone eats and while they’re eating, the actors perform. The audience gets to ask questions and then try to figure out who murdered the person.”

“We also have a Chinese auction for the guests,” she said.

Cynthia Quakenbush, who wrote the mystery and played the role of Evelyn Moore, the producer of the game show, immediately went into character and said “We’re having this show because our previous host died under mysterious circumstances, so we’ve moved here for this taping. But we’re not really going to dwell on him being dead, because it was just an accident.”

“Some people say it’s mysterious circumstances, but I just don’t know. Although Rod Toddman, our announcer, has been saying things that I don’t like to hear, but he might have some information that the police might want,” she said.

Kim Darling played Scarlett Scarsdale, Tucker Lester was Gary “Herk” Henderson, Jim Mills was Rod Toddman, Margaret Nemyier was Bernie Woods, Cynthia Quackenbush played Evelyn Moore, Wayne Seifried was Dr. Devonshire and Art Wilks was Ned Frances.

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Their next event in Little Falls will be the 9th Annual Celebrity Server Breakfast, Thursday, June 13, 2019, at the Travelodge. They already have signed up a group of local celebrity servers for this year’s Breakfast, including server John Scarano, who will be this year’s breakfast chairman.