by Dave Warner

It was a night of games, crafts, bobbing for apples, and of course, trick or treat for the kids and their parents at the Alpine Rehabilitation & Nursing Center last night.

According to Casey Bayes, Assistant Administrator of the facility, “This is our fourth annual Spooky Spectacular and the kids can come and trick or treat with the residents, so they get involved in the holiday. They’re digging through spaghetti and they’re getting a trick or treat by poking their hand in a mysterious cup.”

“Everybody gets a prize, which is toothpaste and toothbrushes, which moms and dads will really appreciate. They’re getting all the candy, so they’ll get a chance to go home and take care of their teeth,” she said.

Staff dressed up as well, wearing everything from a football player, superman, disco queen, and pirate costumes.