By Dave Warner

The annual replacement of Veteran flags was carried out by the Little Falls American Legion Post 31 in time for the Memorial Day weekend.

Pete Atutis, Post Commander, said, “We do ten cemeteries around the area. Last year there were 2,842 flags that we put out. With all the people that have died, I know there will be more this year.”

“The Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and about six other men went out during the week and got most of them finished. They ran out of flags, and we finished Ingrahm Mills on Sunday with an additional 432 flags,” he said.

They also have finished the Polish cemetery next to St Mary’s on Herkimer Road. The Yellow Church Cemetary was also completed on Sunday.

“It’s an annual thing all handled by volunteers, and thank God for the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts that can still hoof it,” he said.