Photo submitted – From left to right: Kelly Brown, Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce Board Member, Herkimer Village Mayor Dana Sherry, Sarah Harrer, Office Manager of Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce, Erica Lebert, Herkimer Financial Center Manager of AmeriCU, Ron Belle, President and CEO of AmeriCU, Margaret Maass, Member Relationship Advisor IV of AmeriCU.

HERKIMER, NY – AmeriCU Credit Union’s Herkimer Financial Center has undergone a remarkable transformation to better serve their members. The newly remodeled location offers the perfect blend of technology with the same personal service members have come to expect.

Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) will offer enhanced member service, whether it be self-serve or full-service, and members will also have the option for teller assist functionality for personal assistance by a live representative. This approach ensures that individuals can seamlessly navigate their financial needs while enjoying the convenience and efficiency of the credit union’s latest technologies. AmeriCU’s waiting area allows for an innovative new flow for AmeriCU representatives to be on the floor – approachable, open, and available right when you need them.

“We value the importance of investing in the future of our community. As we look ahead, the renovation of this financial center signifies our commitment to fostering growth, development, and a place where individuals and businesses can achieve their financial goals,” said Ron Belle, President and CEO of AmeriCU Credit Union. “The connections we develop between our members, our team, and the community we serve allows us to grow as an organization and expand the financial services we offer to meet our member’s needs.”

The Herkimer Financial Center is the fourth financial center to be renovated in the last nineteen months to a welcoming and open design. AmeriCU continues to invest in enhancing their physical delivery network. The newly remodeled location reflects the modernization of the financial industry while fostering meaningful and personalized relationships.

AmeriCU employees and community members celebrated the Financial Center’s renovation with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Monday, June 10.

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