Photo submitted.

By Dave Warner

Every once in a while, we have a fascinating character that passes through Little Falls. Sometimes, they’re unnoticed; other times, they’re spotted, and you see something on Facebook about them.

This time, it was fifty-eight-year-old Tony Adams who parked overnight on John Street. Adams was pulling a 700-pound trailer, and according to the locals who interacted with him, he’s a determined cyclist committed to his journey while intent upon leaving a minimal footprint within his trek.

Adams has been doing this for 23 years and said that it all started back in 1995 when his father was dying of a stroke. His dad had asked him to find his estranged son and bring him home so he could make amends before he died.

He jumped onto his bicycle with only an Army duffle bag and took off. He arrived 30 days later on the east side of the strip in Las Vegas and asked for directions to the nearest homeless shelter to find his brother.

“So, I walked across the street and tapped somebody on the shoulder. The man turned around…it was my older brother,” he said. “Now, I call it fate. I can’t argue or try to pick it apart, but someone sent me to go pick the needle out of the haystack.”

After that experience, he decided to travel the country, his first destination being Niagara Falls from Fort Collins, Colorado, a 1,600-mile trip that took 36 days. He was hooked.

Locals said that he had a most impressive little home for himself. A heater was going inside, and despite the bitter cold, he was completely snuggled in. He had cooked his meal along with a cup of coffee and was happy that the concerned neighbors of John Street had brought him additional food and groceries to carry him forward.

They said, “He is very happy, filled with appreciation for all the people he gets to meet along the way, and highlighted the great press he has enjoyed while chronicling his journey on Facebook.”

He was here and then gone within 20 hours, but he never mentioned where he was headed next.