By Dave Warner

Another group of volunteers is organizing to handle cleanup and maintenance in the Canal Place area.

The Southside Improvement Group works hard to clean and beautify the southside, the Little Falls Rotary Club works hard on the harbor and trails around it, and the Buttermilk Falls Park volunteers cover the area behind the City Pool. But now, Canal Place is going to get some love.

The ‘Friends of Canal Place’ group is forming, and they’re looking for volunteers. The idea is to tackle different areas, clean them up, and then maintain them.

The first spot on the list is Sterzinar Park. It’s become a bit overgrown, a few small trees need to come down, and there’s plenty of gardening to tackle.

Gail Rochette is one of the organizers and she said, “We need a basic cleanup to get it looking better than it has been, and then maintain what we have. We also need to do a few things that are safety-related, which means directional signs and things like that.”

One of the more familiar signs down there, just before the bridge, is also going to get a facelift. It was most recently featured on the cover of Parks & Trails New York magazine.

“It’s something that is seen everywhere, and it just has to look better,” she stated.

Rochette said they’re looking for people who know and love Canal Place but also those who are just interested in making the City look better and who also like gardening and landscaping.

“We’re not going to do fancy things that require a great deal of money. It’s just sweat equity,” she said.

The City is also involved in the project and will be removing some small trees, as well as picking up the brush that will be piled up after each session.

The first cleanup is scheduled for July 13, 2024, and there will be two time frames: 8-10 a.m. and 6-8 p.m.

To put your name on the list of volunteers, email