by Dave Warner

The Art Door Gallery at Canal Side held their grand opening Saturday from noon until midnight. And, what an opening it was. Between thunderstorms and high humidity, people surged in and out during that twelve-hour period.

According to gallery owner Elias Saifan “This is our first show, which is the grand opening at the same time.” The show originally was going to have more than 20 artists, but that was paired down to about 14 so that all of the paintings would have a place to hang.

“It’s perfect because our walls are full and every piece is compatible with its neighbor.” Saifan went on to say that he was very happy with the opening and the turnout.

Future plans call for a combination of group and individual shows. “It’s a fresh new project that’s getting off the ground and it’s just an amazing opportunity to be in the City of Little Falls,” he said.

“Just having the incredible support and kindness of the local folks…everybody has been truly supportive. As you can see, it’s a beautiful space and we’re hoping to be, as the name suggests, to be that door for contemporary and emerging artists from anywhere,” stated Saifan.

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