No matter what life may hold
Little Falls gives out such gold
Showing that life can still be right
No matter what pandemics are in sight
Even though challenges are upon us now
Little Falls shines out somehow!

Main Street and Canal Place got to show
Paintings and photos from artists who flow
In that artistic world that shines out bright
Bringing joy during life’s fight
As Artwalk 2021 comes to an end
This message I must send!

Thank you, Little Falls, for the joy you bring
It brings a smile and in heart we sing
For life’s trials can be tough
Still living in Little Falls is gift enough
The beauty is here to be shared
Many who come know she cared!

Artwalk in Little Falls 2021 will give way to next year
Artwalk in Little Falls 2022 will soon appear!

Wanda Faith Sewell,
Just one participant in Little Falls Artwalk

Photo by Vanessa Guy

Vanessa Guy holds up one of Wanda Faith Sewell’s photographs.