by Dave Warner

A&W Greenhouse and Gardens at 463 W Main St celebrated the fall season with a Harvest Day event on Sunday. They had several vendors set up outside, cider and donuts, and a raffle.

Business owner, Angela Fazekas said, “It actually went really well and we were really busy. I think people like this idea. It’s a nice day to see what everyone has to offer.”

“This year the plan was to expand beyond our jams and jellies and create tasting stations so that you can try the products. I think that’s what draws people in. You like to taste them. It’s a really nice addition,” she said.

Fazekas is always adding new things to the store, and she said, “You never know what you’ll find here.”

They said they hope the event brought some enjoyment to the community and that they want to have the festival each and every year.