by Dave Warner

The BarRoom Neon Project has been going for well over three years now and they’ve added not only some new music, but an additional musician, special segments, and all kinds of new things for their local variety show. In fact, they have several holiday shows that will keep you entertained throughout the rest of the year.

The group now consists of Joe & Christine Famulare, Rory O’Bryan, and Mike Catalina. Joe Famulare said, “The BarRoom Neon Project came into existence because Christine and I wanted to take the original music that we had been writing for the 25 plus past years, and instead of just us performing them, we wanted to add a band.”

They decided to involve a lot of their musician friends as well, in order to showcase that music and Little Falls. “We just want to highlight the people of Little Falls, the businesses, the artists, and other musicians. Just everyday people,” he stated.

The group goes live once a month on Facebook, and they archive the shows on their YouTube channel as well.

They’ve added a ‘show’ within the show, where “Christine’s Bamboo Lounge” highlights a drink of the night. “Kit Hutchinson, who is a friend of ours does a rock review and talks about different music and concerts. It’s turned into a little variety show,” Famulare stated.

They are looking forward to adding new segments going into next year as well.

This Friday we’re going to be highlighting Best Buy Appliance and Peter Campione.”

The Halloween show on Friday will have musical guest Tucker’s Grog which is a father and daughter group out of Dolgeville.

“November’s show is going to be an all-original show where we’ll do original music,” he said.

“We’re looking forward to this Friday and the Halloween show. Our friend Roger is going to be reading “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe, so that will kind of be a side thing. You don’t get that stuff nowadays – people reading on a variety show,” said Famulare.

Future shows are in November, December, and New Year’s Eve. “Next year we want additional musicians and businesses to come in and I think we’re going to have a little Folk segment as well and do one or two songs.”

“A lot has progressed in the last year,” he said.

You can find them on Facebook at