James Quatrino (left) and Henry Sheppard pose in front of the placard that is in Bellamy Park.

by Dave Warner

Bellamy Park in Little Falls is that little triangle sized plot of land that is between E Gansevoort St, Burwell St, and Salisbury St. But, as small as it is, there is a lot of significance associated with its name.

Francis Julius Bellamy was born on May 18, 1855, in Mount Morris New York. His family was deeply involved in the Baptist church and they moved to Rome New York when Bellamy was only five.

When he grew up, he became a minister himself, traveling to promote his faith and help his community. From 1879 – 1885, he was the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Little Falls.

But what’s interesting about him, is that he wrote the Pledge of Allegiance 1892 and that little piece of land in Little Falls was dedicated in 1959 to his memory and the pledge.

For Flag Day, James Quatrino and Henry Sheppard, who live across the street, decided that it needed a little sprucing up.

Quatrino said, “A couple of years ago, we noticed that there was nothing really here. Nothing planted. So, our class of ’76 needed a  park to honor our deceased members, and we all chose this.”

About two years ago, they had a nice ceremony for those that had been lost and planted a tree in their memory. “We’ve tried to make this park just nice, and it’s very moving to have the monument to Reverand Bellamy here.”

They both planted hostas, perennials, painted a bench that was donated, painted the flagpole, and bought a new flag that now flies there. Pete Moynahan donated the bench to add to the intimacy of the park.

“Its a beautiful neighborhood and now we have this beautiful park. We just wanted to make it a little nicer,” said Quatrino.