By Dave Warner

Benton Hall Academy held its ‘High Five Friday’ event last week and followed it with a morning program agenda focused on thanking public servants and first responders.

Tracy Young said, “Every Friday, we either have someone from the high school sports teams, clubs, or community come in, and today, we had Mayor Deborah Kaufman help us in our bus line high five Friday.”

The morning program is also held every Friday. “Right now, we’re doing Leader and Me programs, practicing the seven healthy habits. We have a different one each month,” she said.

Amy Osborne said the Leader and Me program is going really well. “We try to feature a habit a month if we can. We focus on character education. Then, we also have time to bring in community members and outside guests. We lost this connection during Covid, so we’ve been rebuilding.”

She said they’d also had an Autism Awareness assembly and others that focused on being a good person. “It’s good. It connects us.”

During the assembly, students had the chance to ask questions of the guests on the stage.

Mayor Kaufman was asked, “What inspired you to run for Mayor?” She pointed to the students in the crowd and said, “You.”

“When I came back to Little Falls, I saw that the community had changed a bit, and I wanted to bring it back to the way it was when I grew up. Just like you, I wanted to be in a place that was very safe. A place that was fun. A place where you could go outside and play and that everyone knew your name wherever you went,” she stated.

“So, you inspired me. As I look out into the crowd, I see that there’s probably a mayor or two out there, maybe a police officer, firefighter, or paramedic. There’s a great need for people who are interested in public service. There’s a huge reward to being involved in it,” Kaufman remarked.