Photo submitted – Fourth-grade coloring contest winners.

Once again, 3rd and 4th graders at Benton Hall Academy participated in the Draw Your Own Leprechaun and Raymee the Leprechaun Coloring Contests, respectively.

While area elementary schools have often been asked to participate, only Benton Hall Academy has opted to do so. Each participant receives something-there are no losers. The grand winner in third grade was Ava Carter (second from right, back row below), and in the fourth grade was Brody Dobrovolc.

“This year’s entries were extraordinarily good,” contest coordinator RJ Lenarcic commented. “I especially want to thank the teachers who oversaw the contests, especially Kim Traut and Mrs. Metott and, of course, the incomparable principal Joe Long, who drew Raymee.”

“Kudos to the Benton Hall family for conducting the annual March Food Drive as well during the same period, benefitting the Little Falls Food Pantry.”

Participating classes will receive certificates. “For my money and as a proud native of the Falls, Benton Hall is the finest elementary school in the area,” Lenarcic stated.

Joe Long, Principal at the school, said, “Ray has been a very strong supporter of Benton Hall Academy and its kids over the years. With the Gram Lorraine project and purchasing coats for the kids through the Hunger Coalition. He’s just been phenomenal.”

“He’s also a very good writer. He’s written children’s stories. For St Patrick’s Day, he’d written a few stories for the school, and we had either a coloring or creative arts contest. Every child gets a prize,” Long stated.

In third grade, they created their own Leprechaun and colored it. “The kids are so creative. It’s so wonderful.”

“Ray’s wife and he are the judges. It’s just a fun activity, and the kids really get into it. The teachers got a big kick out of it as well. They like to see what the kids do and what they come up with. It’s just a great thing for us and for the kids. I think Ray gets a kick out of it too, which he should,” said Long.


Photo submitted - Third-grade winners in the 'Create a Leprechaun' contest.

Photo submitted – Third-grade winners in the ‘Create a Leprechaun’ contest.