Adding on to Joe Biden’s disastrous presidency, the baby formula shortage is a rather urgent and dire situation for families all over the United States. The stress and anxiety that comes with not being able to properly feed your child is a feeling that no parent should have to experience. As a new mother, House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik understands just how serious Joe Biden’s baby formula crisis really is. Therefore, Stefanik and other Republican leaders have introduced the Babies Need More Formula Now Act. This bill will aid in providing a healthy supply of baby formula by lifting the various restrictions the FDA must follow pertaining to the importation of formula into the country. The bill will also enact certain measures to ensure that a shortage like this will never occur again. The Biden administration has consistently failed in providing the American people with a sense of security. Republican leaders like Elise Stefanik will not sit back and watch the American people struggle to feed their children.

Reece Gillette
Canton NY