Try listening to the story instead of reading it!

by Dave Warner

Each Thursday during the month of June 2020, we are publishing a video of the Danielle Nicole experience in Little Falls, which was last August 2019. This is the final installment in the series, and it’s a way to get out of the ‘pandemic blues’ and remember what life used to be like in Little Falls so that we can get back to letting the good times roll once again.

In this case, we wanted to get a sense of what it was like to be in the audience, so we interviewed Mena Cerone, who attended the concert, and then finish up with Steven Senisi, who was the other half of the team that put each video together.

She said that there was a lot of curiosity about the show prior to the event because she was not familiar with who Danielle Nicole was. “There was such local hype, that you just got caught up in the momentum.”

So, she decided to do some research to find out just what kind of music was involved. “After Googling her, I found out she is an amazing artist, musician, performer, songwriter, and my first thought was that we were so fortunate to have a performer of this quality in Little Falls,” she stated.

She felt that it was a performance that she could not miss. She said, “the energy was palpable. Everyone in town was talking about it, we were feeding off each other and we were really looking forward to this event.”

Cerone said that the very first song that Nicole played at the concert set the tone for the entire event. “The level of performance, just her guitar playing and the delivery of this bluesy soulful music, much of which she had written…everybody was just mesmerized.”

She felt that Nicole was able to appeal to every level of people that attended the concert. “There were young people there, and not so very young people and I think everyone was absolutely captivated. We were on our feet during part of that performance because you just got caught up in the energy and sound and the instrumentation. It was just outstanding.”

“A year later, if she came back, I would definitely be there. I think everybody left feeling really good about the experience. There was nothing disappointing about her or the music. It was absolutely captivating,” she stated.

Steven Senisi also worked on the video series and said, “Production went great. I had worked with Ander (Kazmerski) before and we make a great team. It was a long day of shooting but we made the most of it and we were grateful to have help from locals and family members. Ander and I had a vision of what we wanted the final product to look like and it really came together. The weather was on our side which was great for everyone’s positivity as well as lighting. Danielle and her team were very positive and receptive to our ideas which made the production fun and seamless.”

Senisi went on to say, “You could tell as soon as Danielle and her band showed up, they’re all natural musicians. They do this for the love of music, which was immediately apparent and so refreshing. They gave off an electric energy during the performance that connected personally with the audience.”

“I live and work in New York City so it’s easy to forget how most people live, not stacked on top of each other! Though my extended family lives in Little Falls, I got to film in some beautiful places in the town that I’d never seen before. It was also really cool to explore the local art scene and see the tight-knit community of the town come alive to support great live music,” he stated.

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