by Dave Warner

Saturdays Football Booster Club Golf Tournament was the biggest one yet, according to Nick Regan, Clubhouse Manager/Operator of the Little Falls Municipal Golf Course. “This was the first year that we split it into two tee times, which helped with Coronavirus stuff and opened up the course a bit and made the play a little bit better. We had 96 golfers, so so it was a really good turnout, up from 72 last year.”

They had a men’s division and a co-ed division, and t-shirts for the 1st and 2nd place winners that were made by the booster’s club. There were raffles and giveaways of all kinds of items. “All of it was put out by the booster club. There’s a whole lot of moms that helped out with that,” he stated.

“I’ve got to make a special point to thank Mark Andrilla for setting the course up. It’s not only always immaculate, but this weekend with the tragedy that happened, I had approached him on Tuesday and asked him if we could do something special out there that people might be able to see,” stated Regan.

The result was a tribute to Jason Sullivan and Matthew Cotton on a hill going up to the 7th green. “Everybody loved that,” he said.

He stated that one of the other great things about yesterday was the fact that they donated all the tips from the bar and the 50/50 raffle to the scholarship fund for the pair’s children, raising almost $1,200.00 for that cause.

“Other than all the football stuff, we were able to do something like that,” he said.

Kevin Cumm prepared all of the chicken BBQ for after the tournament. “It was a phenomenal meal.”

“It was one of the more special things that I’ve been a part of. Not only because I played football my whole life, but I coached it and it was so awesome to not only be able to give back to the team but to give back to the community a little bit. I hear the mayor say it all the time and in your articles about how it’s just what we do around here. We’re all Little Falls. The football team may be having a fundraiser, but we can still do a little bit for someone else,” stated Regan.

He said that they’re just going to keep doing it every year and making it better and better.

The next big event for the course is the member/guest tournament from August 21st through the 23rd. “It’s a really big tournament and three-day event,” he stated.

In September they’re going to have the club championship. “That will be big.”

They’re also thinking about a night golf event in October where they set the course up as a par 3 challenge. “It’s just so you don’t lose the balls and they don’t spray all over the place. We’re hoping that it will be our close-up event kind of Halloweenish. We’ll start at dusk and just go out and play,” he said.