by Dave Warner

The Little Falls Boys Soccer team took the field Monday under new head coach Jim Carroll in a pre-season match against Canajoharie.

Coach Carroll was a non-paid assistant in Mohawk, Ilion, and CVA for ten years. For the last five years, he’s been in New Hartford as the JV coach for three years and the varsity assistant coach for two.

When asked about this year’s team he said, “We’re young. From what they’ve told me, we lost a lot of seniors from last year who were big contributors. But, they’re working hard and I’ve only asked them for four things. Effort, attitude and teamwork and the least important thing I have is soccer skill. They do the first three and the last one will get better.”

The coach went on to say, “They have not let me down. I’ve pushed them very hard the first two days and I was nervous that they weren’t going to come back for day three, but they were all there on time.”

When talking about today’s pre-season matchup he said “I’ve told them not to get excited and don’t get depressed about who is playing when. I just need to know where you can play, where you are willing to play and we’ll see.”