by Dave Warner

The Little Falls Boys Varsity Soccer team started out behind the curveball against Westmoreland, playing one person short from the beginning of the game, losing 6-0, and having the game end 15 minutes before the final buzzer.

Coach Darin Lynch said, “We’ve been playing a man down, and we have some sickness, and then it got worse when one of the boys got injured, and then it was a pulled groin, so we were two men down. But, they played hard with a lot of courage and heart, and that’s all you can ask for in that situation.”

“Westmoreland has ten wins on the year, so they’re a very strong team and played two men up almost the whole game. The fact that it only ended up 6-0 is pretty good,” he said.

Athletic Director Bart Tooley called the game off with 15 minutes left after two players (one from each team) were red-carded in an incident in front of the Little Falls goal. The officials said that he couldn’t do that, but Tooley told them the team would not be returning to the field.