With midterms right around the corner, it is a critical time to understand every candidate and their history. Radical Matt Castelli, who is running to defeat the incumbent Elise Stefanik in NY-21, has a seedy past that needs to be brought to light.

Matt Castelli loves to boast about his 15 years in the CIA; however, he does not mention his actions while working to defend our nation. In his time at the National Security counsel, Castelli was known to have sex with several coworkers, even bragging about having these relations in the prayer room of the Eisenhower Office Building. Further, Castelli was reported to drink on the job. These reports were supported by Castelli’s former coworkers. These actions are heinous to begin with, but especially when he was supposed to be protecting our nation’s security.

For all of these reasons, I will be proudly voting for Congresswoman Elise Stefanik on November 8th.

Olivia Noonan
Bolton Landing, NY 12814