On Saturday, April 6th at 11 AM, the Little Falls Public Library will host a performance by the Butler-Sheehan Academy of Irish Dance.

Butler-Sheehan was founded over 70 years ago in Dublin Ireland. The current instructor, Pattie Sheehan-Malinowski, is a 4-time Irish Dance World Champion. She choreographs all of the group’s dances.
The group performs constantly, at parades, festivals, senior centers, nursing homes, pubs, and half-times, and several members compete at feis.

During a show, you’ll see the dancers execute reels, jigs, and hornpipes, with their arms close to their sides and their upper bodies stiff. No one knows for sure why. Legend has it that, during the 14th century, when Irish dancing was outlawed, dancers adopted this style so that if English soldiers walked by a pub and looked in the window, they wouldn’t be able to tell there was dancing going on.

For performances, dancers wear curly wigs and embroidered dresses ornamented with Celtic symbols lifted from the Book of Kells.

The group will often invite members of the audience to participate in a dance – be forewarned!

This event is free and everyone is welcome. For more information, please call (315) 823-1542.