By Dave Warner

Craig Lockwood had an idea just before COVID hit – he wanted to clean up the trail going to the falls and put a bridge over the creek to make the area more accessible for everyone. That got put on hold because of the pandemic, but it’s now back on and ready to go.

On Saturday, a small group of volunteers surveyed the path to determine how many downed trees needed to be cleared and where the best placement of a bridge would be.

Lockwood said he came up with the idea while walking the trail with his kids. “I just saw how beautiful it is and thought it needed to be more accessible and nicer with trees removed and mulch. It really is a beautiful place.”

He continued, “There’s just a lot of manual labor, mulch, just guys with shovels and chainsaws. I think 60% of it is just clearing it out, and then the bridge will be the biggest expense.”

“Once this gets all cleaned up, you could have senior pictures back here and things like that.”

Dave Dardzinski had done some research and found a company that could pre-make the needed bridge. He was on-site to take some measurements. He said, “You can see wedding pictures and things like that here.”

Lockwood remarked that signs coming off the thruway could let people know about the falls. “We could really make it an attraction.”

Other directional signs and a sign for the entrance to the path will be made as part of the project.

Dardzinski said that he thinks a 24-foot bridge, 4 feet wide with about a 2-foot arch, should do it.

The pair felt that their chosen location for the bridge should be above any high-water event. “It’ll be set into the ground securely even if there is a lot of rain so that it doesn’t float away,” stated Dardzinski.

A spot has also been designated for picnic tables, which will also have to be purchased.

Several weekends will be needed to complete the project, which, weather permitting, will begin at 9 am on April 27th. If you would like to volunteer, email to be added to the notification list.

If you’d like to donate to the project, you can use that same email for additional information or use the link below to donate online. Any amount will be appreciated as we try to reach our $10,000 goal.