File Photo – (L-R) Neil Rosenbaum, Chef John Luciano, and Dave Casullo hold up an old Henry’s sign in front of the Canal Side Inn last year.

by Dave Warner

Canal Side Inn is planning a free pasta dinner customer appreciation give away from 1 pm until 4 pm on October 11th. The meal is sponsored by Rock City Development, Kelly’s Meat Market, and MKR Racing. It will consist of Sirloin meatballs over penne pasta with roasted heirloom tomato ragu, shaved asiago cheese, and a dinner roll.

Neil Rosenbaum, with Rock City Development, said, “Chef John came up with concept and really wanted to give back to the community as a result of everything everyone’s been going through for the last several months. We’d also like everyone to experience the food that they prepare and specifically make it possible for customers or guests, or those that might not choose to come to the Canal Side Inn.”

“We intend to provide as many meals as people will show up for,” he stated. “We’re really thankful for the support the community has given us for the 80 years that the restaurant has been there and the almost two years that we’ve owned it, but specifically over the last four months.”

They also wanted to make sure that there were people who could really benefit from this, so they approached Tamara Razzano, Executive Director of Little Falls Community Outreach, and Tony DeLucca with the Food Pantry to make sure that they communicate with the people they work with to make sure they are aware of the offer.

“We’re also thankful for the work the Community Outreach and Food Pantry do in the community at all times, but specifically during this time,” stated Rosenbaum.

Razzano said, “The Outreach is incredibly grateful for the generosity of the Canal Side Inn providing a free pasta dinner to our community and especially to our families in the Food Backpack Program. This has been a trying year – financially, emotionally, and physically – for many people, and a wonderfully prepared dinner is a gift to allow us a moment to pause and gather together. We believe community thrives when all its people thrive and we are thankful for the commitment across our community to ensure this is true.”

Chef John said, “I was thinking more along the lines of an appreciation event and I knew I was doing the Thanksgiving dinner like we did last year, where we delivered meals to the needy, but I was thinking that maybe that just wasn’t enough.”

The Chef commented about how good Little Falls has been to them and that the locals are supporting them. “I thought, why not give something back, and it went from this little thing to this mid-sized thing, and then I thought, why not do it for the whole town for nothing?”

DeLuca stated, “The Little Falls Area Food Pantry is grateful for the efforts put forth by Rock City Development, Kelly’s Meat Market, MKR Racing and the Canal Side Inn for helping the Pantry in addressing the food insecurities so many of our residents are experiencing and at the same time thanking the general public for their continued support. They are true champions of the cause and we thank them for their generous support. Little Falls Strong!”

Pre-orders are appreciated, so call 315-823-1170 for details.