by Dave Warner

The ninth annual Celebrity Server Breakfast hosted by the Herkimer County Historical Society drew a crowd Thursday morning at the Travelodge.

According to Sue Perkins, Executive Director “We have a lot of people dressed in costumes. They work for tips. They pour coffee and juice and they keep their table happy. The more they do for the table, the more tips they receive.

The money raised directly benefits the Society, which has a large number of maintenance projects to complete this year. “We just found out we need a new furnace in our museum building, and we have a radiator that leaked down onto our first floor. This is just a fun event which will raise a lot of money to help us deal with these issues,” she said.

Dave Silver from  BUG Country raffled off tickets to the group as well to raise money.

Whichever server raises the most money gets a plaque and they become the head server for next years breakfast. “We also have a contest for best costume and they get a plaque for that as well,” said Perkins.

Herkimer County served as a gateway for many groups since the Mohawk River was a primary route to the west, as was the Erie Canal and the area’s extensive network of railroads and turnpikes. The rich and colorful past of this county and its founding families are promoted by the Herkimer County Historical Society through their museum, resource center, publications, and programs.

You can find out more about the group by visiting their website at