By Dave Warner

The City of Little Falls has launched a new website with enhanced capabilities and features. It has a more ‘chamber of commerce’ type feel, as well as the inclusion of a City Services section.

Mayor Deborah Kaufman stated, “Our website has been looking dated for a long time. It wasn’t as user-friendly as it could have been.”

She said that when people looked into the city, they really weren’t getting the full breadth of what we had to offer. “It was functional to some extent but not user-friendly. When people are looking for a destination and a place to come for the day or weekend, they’re looking at ‘what can I do when I get there.’ The older website didn’t reflect that at all.”

“The new website has all of the eye candy one could possibly want while showcasing the many things you can do at places like the harbor, golf course, and other spots. All the things you wouldn’t expect in a small town,” Kaufman stated.

The website is image-driven and easier to navigate, as well as being ‘responsive’ so that it works much better on tablets and phones.

Kaufman stated, “You can pay for your water bill online, permits, golf memberships, get an application for a job, and a thousand other things.”

A new 311 capability is being set up and will be tested in the coming two weeks.

Local governments face the challenge of effectively communicating with residents, but these challenges can be solved with citizen notifications and local government-branded mobile app capabilities.

Some key advantages of the 311 capability are:

  • Allows for easy request submission & 24/7 access to services and information through the fully searchable knowledge base.
  • Citizens can check the status of their issues at their convenience. Real-time push notifications & alerts proactively keep them up to date as their issues are resolved.
  • Requests are automatically routed to the correct department & staff for resolution. Visualize all issues on a map for day planning and trend spotting.
  • Work crews can access their assignments in the field, update their progress, as well as track labor & material costs.

For managers:

  • Define Service Level Agreements to ensure that your staff is meeting standards. If they are not, escalations can alert management, allowing their attention to be focused where it’s needed most.
  • Collect valuable feedback that citizens give about their experience. Surveys can be automatically sent following issue resolution to allow citizens to rate their experience.
  • Dashboards & filters allow department managers to view all issues submitted for their department.

“It will allow citizens to communicate more quickly with the correct departments about the issues they have in the city. It might be a pothole in front of your house, a streetlight that is out, or a thousand other things that are not 911 incidents. This is just a citizen communicating with the City,” she said.

The site also has a live events section, where past and current city council meetings can viewed, as well as other live-streamed events as they happen.

“It’s really City Hall in the palm of your hand,” Kaufman stated.

To see all of the new functionality, visit