The Little Falls High School Class of 2022 Fall Festival committee and class officers are – from left to right: Christian White, Daniel Ressue, Grace Zawtocki (President), Emma Dooley (Vice President), Sophia Puznowski (Treasurer) Mary Shepardson (Secretary) Jon Reese (Senator).

by Dave Warner

The Little Falls High School class of 2022 is on a mission. They say that they’re one of the biggest classes to come through the school in a while, and because of that, they need to raise even more money than previous ones.

According to Grace Zawtocki, class President, “The Fall Craft Fair is a fundraiser for our class. It’s going to be hosted in the gym, and all the proceeds are going to go towards our class. A good junk of it has to go towards caps and gowns, and then the yearbooks for the seniors, then whatever is leftover, goes towards our senior trip.”

There are going to be over 50 vendors at the event, food tables, a Chinese auction. “Homemade crafts, and local businesses. We sell them the spot in the gym, and are able to raise money that way as well,” she said.

They also make money from the sale of food items and the Chinese auction. They’re not totally set on what food is going to be available, but crock-pot dishes are on the menu, as is mac and cheese and chili. “We’ve even had a donation from the White Rose Bakery,” said Zawtocki.

When asked if the class had established an identity for itself, Daniel Ressue said, “The class of ’22 is either dedicated, or loud, or a little bit of both. We’ve got a mix of every type of personality here and it’s all good.”

Emma Dooley, class Vice President said, “We’re one of the largest classes that have come through this school in a long time, so we have to raise even more money compared to other classes.”

The class has also created a mug, which will be on the WKTV Morning Mug Club to help raise awareness for the event, and they’ve placed posters all over the area. They’ve put posters up in Little Falls, Cooperstown, Utica, New Hartford, Fly Creek, Whitesboro, and Herkimer.

Zawtocki said, “We like to thank all of the people who have bought booths and the businesses that have let us hang up posters in their shops.”

“Everyone that we’ve talked to about advertising four our craft fair has been incredible and really generous in giving us space to advertise,” said Ressue.

“It’s a fun fall activity to come and go to craft fairs and I think a lot of people are into that type of thing,” stated Zawtocki.

The festival is on November 2nd from 10 am until 4 pm and the students hope to make this an annual event. Mrs. Puznowski is the class advisor, and they want to raise at least $2,000 from the event.