by Dave Warner

Area classic car enthusiasts gathered at the Travelodge Sunday for their after Christmas party. The Country Cruisers came from three different area shows and they talk about what is currently going on and what shows are coming up.

According to Mike Bulger, one of the members “These are all local hot rodders from the area. St Johsville, all the way up to Syracuse and they come in to talk about the sport. We do this every year. There’s everything from classic cars, to hot rods, to modified…just daily drivers.”

Every age group is typically represented at the gathering. “The kids come out, but we have them from old to days old,” said Bulger.

Why do people get into this? “I think because it has just been going on for so long. Everybody likes the classics. You see a hot rod go ripping down the street and people turn and look. You see a Yugo going down the street and people look the other way. But us, we look at both of them. We love everything at our shows,” he said.

Details and specific dates have not been ironed out yet, but the local group has a 50’s and 60’s car hop show scheduled for June and Christmas in July as their next events.