Mayor Mark Blask addresses the regularly scheduled Common Council meeting on Tuesday night.

by Dave Warner

The Little Falls Common Council met for their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, with three resolutions on the agenda.

Resolution No. 24 stated that “Attorney Mark Rose, who regularly handles the litigation of Real Property Tax Law Article 7 Tax Certiorari Petitions for the City of Little Falls, is unable to handle the matter this year.”

It resolved that Armond Festine, Esq, who has handled Real Property Tax Litigation on behalf of the City of Little Falls in the past, would handle those filed in 2021 for the flat rate of $235/hour.

City Attorney Jennifer Chrisman stated, “Regularly every year, people challenge their tax assessment. If it is denied, those individuals can file an Article 7 Tax Certiorari Petition, which is just another attempt to challenge it in Supreme Court. We had one file this year and typically Mark Rose handles them, however, he had a conflict and wasn’t able to this year.”

The resolution passed unanimously.

The Common Council went into a brief Executive Session before considering the following Resolution:

Resolution No. 25 said, “Whereas, a motion seeking relief against the City of Little Falls was filed in the Northern District of New York Bankruptcy Court; and Whereas, the City of Little Falls Attorney has responded to same and appeared in Court on behalf of the City; and Whereas, the parties have reached settlement; and Now, Therefore, Be it Resolved, that the Common Council shall authorize Jennifer L. Chrisman, Esq. to execute all necessary settlement documents.”

The resolution passed unanimously.

Resolution No. 26 dealt with the report issued by the New York State Comptroller on the  Financial Condition of the City of Little Falls, where a Corrective Action Plan (below) was drafted and reviewed by the Common Council for submission to the OSC.

Mayor Mark Blask stated, “We sent this out on Friday, and hopefully everyone had a chance to look at the Correction Action Plan. Thanks to Jennifer and others who crafted it on the heels of the audit. We needed to put that plan together and we needed to put it in a resolution. We’ll hold ourselves to this plan.”

The resolution passed unanimously.

In comments from the floor, Alderman Jonathan Shaffer wanted to thank Cruise Inn by Mike, saying “Super job on the fireworks. He had in and out weather all year and still had great crowds. Mike does a super job every year on that and I tip my hat to him.”

Blask stated, “Just the positive feedback that we got all summer. Mike just does a tremendous job down there and we sincerely appreciate it.”

Mike Bulger was in attendance, and he stated, “We did get our numbers, and Shop with a Cop will be on this year so sometime in December we’re going to be sending kids up to Walmart to do their Christmas shopping through Cruise Inn by Mike and ICAN.”

In the Mayor’s comments section, Blask said, “We’ll be putting in our application for the Downtown Revitalization Initiative on September 15th. Dave and Deborah have just really done a tremendous job. We started on this thing two years ago, and they didn’t offer it last year because of COVID and everything that was going on in the world.”

“We had a public hearing maybe two weeks ago at the Travelodge that was well attended. There was just really a lot of thought and the video looks great, go to to check it out and you’ll see the list of projects there,” he said.

Blask said that after the submission, there’s a little bit of work to do, but that we should hear in December who the recipients will be. “Regardless of how it comes out, the time and energy that Dave Warner and Deborah Kaufman have spent on this,  it’s a first-class product – I’m so proud of the application and we’ll hit the send button next week.”