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The City of Little Falls Common Council meets in person for the first time in months.

by Dave Warner

The Little Falls Common Council met in person for the first time in several months on Tuesday night.

After approval of the monthly reports, Resolution #31 was unanimously passed, re-appointing Trang Camardello to the Little Falls Housing Authority.

Resolution #32 dealt with authorizing an agreement for consultant services with C.T. Male Associates to assist the City with the implementation of a city-wide housing rehabilitation program using NYS Home Program funding.

Mayor Mark Blask said, “You’ll remember that back in March we were awarded a grant of $419,000, similar to the one we got two years ago. C.T. Male was the only one that responded to the RFP.”

Blask went on to say that they were the same company that had managed the previous grant and that they had been very successful.

Resolutions 33 and 34 set a public hearing date of August 4, 2020, at 6:15 pm for Local Laws # 1 and #2 for 2020. The first one deals with a 1.5% salary increase for the City of Little Falls City Treasurer, and the second one a 1.5% salary increase for the City of Little Falls City Clerk.

Resolution #35 stated, “the City of Little Falls needs to purchase one new firetruck and one new ambulance.”

The resolution stated that is was necessary for the City to bond for the expense of those purchases, and that the Common Council was authorizing the Fire Chief to prepare and advertise bid requests.

Blask stated, “This is one that we really knew was coming. Let’s talk about the engine first. The engine that we are getting rid of is a 1991, so it’s 29 years old. The repairs on the two engines in the last two years has been right at $42,000.”

”We really need a new fire engine. Budgeting is going to be tough next year but there are just certain things we need to spend money on,” he stated.

He said the problem has already been discussed and been presented to the Police and Fire board. He said that it could probably be kicked down the road for another year, but from a public safety point, it should be taken care of now.

Resolution #36 authorized the City Treasurer to start the process of preparing the necessary documents to bond for the expense of the ultraviolet disinfection project that is required by DEC at the Water Treatment Facility.

The City has received one grant of $458,000 to cover a portion of the cost of the project, but since it will be a significant expense for the City, they will have to bond for the rest.

The overall project cost is $2,000,000, and the City is eligible to apply for another $1,000,000 grant for the project next year.

Resolution #37 dealt with the fact that the current auditor has notified the City that they will no longer be providing their services to the City, as they are exiting that line of work.

The resolution allows the Treasurer to prepare and submit an RFP to replace them.

The agreement with the Herkimer County Humane Society for seized dogs was tabled until the City Attorney can review the document.

In the Mayors comments portion, Blask stated that the basketball courts would open tomorrow (July 8, 2020), and that it was nice for everyone to be back in the same room.

”It seems like we’re up to full steam now.” He also stated that they would man the harbor when it opens. “We’re still feeling our way through some of the re-opening.”