By Dave Warner

The Community Garden behind the First Presbyterian Church in Little Falls is back in full swing after a long COVID-19 pause.

Christine Reynolds, who is involved with the garden, said, “A few years ago, we decided that we wanted to start a community garden. This was pre-pandemic. We had a youth group summer camp, and we built this whole area. We put in the raised beds, built the retaining wall, put in the benches, and started planting.”

She said the whole project got away from them during the pandemic.

“Post-pandemic, we decided to revive it. Our idea is that this truly belongs to the community. Anybody who wants to come and sit at the benches, or the tables and kind of relax or meditate and enjoy nature can do that.”

Reynolds also said that people can pick anything that is ripe when they come by. “Right now, we have a lot of herbs that are ready. People are welcome to come, pick, eat, or take it with them, and it’s all free.”

She said that they’ve tried to involve the children a lot. “They’ve done a lot of the planting and weed eating. They’ve done the decorations and have worked in the pollinator garden. They’ve just been an important part of it. When it comes time to harvest, they’ll help with that.”

Reynolds also said that they’ve been teaching the children about butterflies, caterpillars, and nature in general around the garden.