I am writing to you with the concern of the farm bill introduced by our state government. I was under the impression that when governments pass laws to help farmers, the intention is to help farmers, not hurt them. Farmers are an occupation that requires great strength and work ethic. Farming is an occupation that requires one to spend all of their money and livelihood to break even hoping they survive another year to break even again. They do this to put on the table of a nation that is starving in some parts of our country. But how are our farms supposed to survive barely breathing as it is, when we keep burdening them with expenses? Our farms in this country cannot afford to pay overtime at the same rate as regular jobs, because farming is not a regular job. When working in this field our farmers understand what they are up against. They understand the long days and the hard hours. They understand the struggle. Farmers cannot afford to pay overtime wages as it is when they can barely afford to pay themselves. We need to start helping our farmers rather than selfishly thinking of political agendas. I think our current representative Elise Stefanik has the right idea in opposing legislation such as this regardless of it being on the state level. We all need to remember the concept of “No Farmers, No Food”. What are we going to do if we continue to hurt our farmers and they begin to decrease at an even faster rate?

Maxim Verenich
Frankfort, NY