by Dave Warner

On Monday afternoon, Congressman Anthony Brindisi made a quick stop in Little Falls to get a briefing on Rock City Development and their mission and vision, the Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) and it’s status and other economic development initiatives that are happening within the City.

Dave Casullo, who had kicked off the briefing to the Congressman said, “I thought the visit went very well. Anthony and his colleagues seemed genuinely interested in what is going on here in Little Falls. I think he conveyed genuine support even in light of the uncertainty of the political climate.”

“I think he believes our City represents the kind of unified effort from government, not for profits and private investment that is an example for other communities within his region and I’m delighted he took the time to come and see it,” said Casullo.

Martin Babinec gave the Congressman a tour of the new Rock City Centre on Main St as well.

Brindisi said, “Big things are happening in Little Falls. Through the tour today and visit with the people on the ground, I can tell this community is set to thrive for years to come. The vision set out by Mayor Blask, Dave Casullo, Neil Rosenbaum, and Martin Babinec will help drive economic development in the area. I’ll work with both parties in Congress to get Little Falls the resources they need to achieve that vision.”

Mayor Mark Blask stated, “We appreciate Congressman Brindisi taking time out of his busy schedule to visit Little Falls. It is always nice to show off this amazing community. Between the construction of Rock City Centre, our Downtown Revitalization Initiative, and several other ongoing projects, we are a city on the move. Congressman Brindisi has always been supportive of our efforts and we sincerely appreciate his consistent backing.”

Photo by Dave Warner – Martin Babinec briefs Congressman Anthony Brindisi on the status of construction on Rock City Centre, the new building going up on Main St across from City Hall.