By Dave Warner

Construction is moving along quickly on 45 Furnace Street as the Youth and Family Center is expanding the building to meet greater demands for child care, specifically infants, toddlers, and preschool, as well as some after-school care when district programs are not in session during holidays and school breaks.

Executive Director Tony Deluca stated, “We searched for a provider and have identified Myrna Grosse and Beth King. They started an entity called Shiny Bright Childcare, LLC, and the operation is now taking shape.”

He continued, “With the construction in progress, we hope to have that completed by mid-June at the latest. Myrna would then set up her classrooms and get equipment in, as well as the licensing in place so that by the end of June or July, she’d be able to get started—definitely before the next school year starts.”

Deluca said they could undertake the project through funding they received from the capital campaign, the Mohawk Valley Gives event last year, and additional local funding from foundations that wanted to support the expansion.

“For the startup of the childcare operation, we received extra grant funding for equipment and starting up so this childcare entity could hit the ground running rather than have to wait to build capacity,” he said.

The project also provides extra space in the lower level for the Food Pantry and Community Thrift store that is run by Catholic Charities.

Deluca said, “It’s a win-win for the community. We’ll have a greater capacity to distribute with the Food Pantry.”

He also said that they would be filling the vacuum in the school district by the exit of the Connected Community School program.

“That leaves a big hole, especially with the backpack program that provides food for families,” Deluca stated.

Shiny Bright currently has openings for several children and is looking to hire at least four employees. If you are interested, please call 315-527-8764 or 315-790-9575 or email