The Little Falls Public Library is pleased to announce a second on-line Creative Writing class this winter and spring season for young writers in the 5th through 8th grades on Mondays from January 11th through June 7th from 5 PM to 6 PM. The course will again be taught via the Zoom remote-conferencing platform by library staff member Carol Whritenour each Monday evening, Memorial Day Monday excluded, building off the library’s previous youth creative writing class to cover a myriad of writing genres, from non-fiction to folk tales, poetical forms to stage-plays, culminating in the editing and sharing of finished works by the end of the term in early June.

The course instructor Carol Whritenour has a passion for both creative writing and developing young minds through learning. She holds a bachelors’ degree in Elementary Education from The College of New Jersey and in addition received extensive graduate-level instruction in the field of Education with a concentration in Reading Specialist from Georgian Court University. She has over twenty-five years of experience working in elementary and middle-school education, both as a classroom instructor and as an administrator. Carol strongly believes creative writing is an essential component of a child’s education and learning experience, that such work allows them to learn grammar and other language skills while also giving voice to their feelings and personal growth, tapping into their creativity and their imaginations. She hews toward Einstein’s quotation “Creativity is intelligence having fun” and plans to enrich with the coursework as such.

The first few weeks of the course will focus on a refresher of writing structures, grammar, and writing motivation, moving onto non-fictional and historical fiction literary forms. Later classes will pivot to writing subgenres, such as mystery, science-fiction and fantasy, before focusing on poetry and scriptwriting for April’s National Poetry Month. May and June’s meetings will be devoted to creating, editing and sharing the stories the students generate. Each class will begin with a quick-write and sharing of that sample then a short lecture on the topic of that particular week, often involving examples of written works. Assignments will be given and the balance of the time devoted to assistance on assignments and/or the sharing of current or previous works.

The Library looks forward to helping your young writers learn and grow, both in language skills and creatively as well! To enroll for this course, please e-mail the Little Falls Public Library at and if you have further questions, please check out the Little Falls Public Library’s Facebook page or inquire by telephone at 315-823-1542. We look forward to helping the local community’s creative young minds continue to reach their great literary potential!