By Dave Warner

Tara Lyon took a leap of faith and opened Creekside Spirits at 66 North Main Street in Dolgeville because she felt it was a good opportunity and a good investment.

“I felt like it was always a way to bring more life to this small town. I’m originally from Syracuse and moved out here about five years ago to be with my husband,” she said.

Lyon had grown up with her future husband, as both their dads had worked in the medical field together in the 1980s. His father was a respiratory therapist at Little Falls Hospital, and hers was a life-support equipment vendor.

She said that she doesn’t have a college education but has her cosmetology and esthetician license, so she has a trade but wanted to do something more. “I wanted to have an opportunity to make money when my hands weren’t moving.”

“We invested in an apartment complex, and when this opportunity arose, I thought this would be a good decision, considering there are no other liquor stores around,” she stated.

Lyon spent time filing for the liquor license, working on funding for the venture, and then figuring out how to become an entrepreneur.

“I’m hoping that the competitive prices, the personality of the business and atmosphere, and supporting local are good reasons for people to come in.”

She said that she also hopes her sales will help the Village with sales tax revenue.

Lyon says she’s had to push her salon aside while focusing on the new business. “I want to grow this business and create revenue so I can employ people and step back from the business and let them run it so I can go back to my cosmetology.”

When asked to describe the business, she stated, “I would say it’s your basic liquor store, but we’re always willing to accommodate. So if there’s enough need for something, we will order it and bring it in. We don’t specialize in a certain kind of whiskey, bourbon, vodka, or seltzer. We will just carry the general items that most people carry and try to keep it as efficient and effective as possible.”

To learn more, visit their Facebook page or call 315-429-5166.

They plan on being open seven days a week, but as the days get shorter, they’ll cut down to six. Hours of operation are still in flux, but they’re currently 9-8 Monday through Thursday, 9-9 Friday and Saturday, and 12-4 Sunday.