Photos & Story by Dave Warner

CrossFit PSE is set to have their grand opening and ribbon cutting by the Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce on Friday Sep. 7 at 11 am.

The new establishment at 582-586 E. Main St. is owned by Dolgeville native Tony Licari, and CrossFit is a little bit different than your traditional gym. It’s semi-personal training and a group environment with classes and a coach that leads you through everything.

Prior to each class, participants are given the proper techniques for the exercise they are about to attempt so that there are no injuries. According to Licari “In a 60 minute class, we do more than most would do in 2-3 days in a regular gym.”

“One of the big things is, we just don’t come in and punish people and beat the hell out of them, we want them to come back. We don’t want any injuries and everything and that’s why we go through the fundamentals course, so that they can move safely and properly,” said Licari.

The facility can handle mobility, range of motion, and training for multiple kinds of sports and sporting events. “We do absolutely everything. CrossFit is defined as constantly varied functional movements conducted at high intensity. The constantly varied part is probably one of the most important aspects of it – we do something different every single day,” stated Licari.

The specialty of the business is ‘not specializing’ according to Licari. Where most facilities get into weight lifting or running, CrossFit is set up to be able to handle everything.

According to Licari “Weight lifting, cardio, gymnastics, biometrics, swimming – anything and everything that could be considered an athletic event or something that could be done in sport we’ll handle.”

It’s something Licari has been doing since 2015 and he said there was nothing like this around the local area. He had built a home gym for all of the days he couldn’t travel to Marcey to get the same kind of workout.  In the other direction, Albany has four facilities, but that was too far to travel.

“We were just kind of in the perfect location to open this kind of facility, a wasteland of no CrossFit and I knew eventually somebody was going to do it. I was at a point where I could continue to do something safe for the rest of my life or kind of go out on a limb and kind of do what I wanted to do,” said Licari.

Licari had originally thought about opening the facility in Dolgeville and put an offer in on a building. But after five months, the deal fell through and according to Licari “to be completely honest with you, I think that’s the best thing that could have happened to me because Little Falls and Main Street is going through a renaissance and the traffic here – the number of cars and foot traffic that goes by each day is insane.”

The business officially opened June 11th, and they spent almost two months running six classes a day just on the one side of the building that was ready first. “We went from my six friends that just signed up on a whim to get started to over 34 athletes at the end of that two months,” said Licari.

The age of participants at the facility goes from 14 to 74. Licari says “It’s for everyone. A lot of people are intimidated by CrossFit because they’ll see what they show on ESPN and it’s these freak of nature athletes and they’re going a million miles an hour, and if you look at the definition, the words high intensity are in it and so it’s kind of intimidating to look at from the outside, but we scale every workout.”

The CrossFit games are for the high end athletes, but in Little Falls, the facility can handle all levels and it’s fitness for anyone. “It’s a holistic approach from sleep to recovery to what you eat. We discuss that on a daily basis with our clients. We’re constantly going up a stair, up a stair, up a stair so we don’t allow the body to get used to anything and plateau,” said Licari.

“For the people who just want to feel better, get fit, loose weight, you don’t have to worry about that stuff, you can just scale it. You’re just going to get a good workout, but we can do anything,” said Licari.

There is an open gym on one side where people can just come in and do cardio, weight lifting or run on the treadmill. They have a program called Soflete which is training for a specific end goal. There is also a program called Apex which is designed for ultra marathoners, individuals preparing for an ironman contest, an obstacle course or the Boilermaker. “There’s some stuff over there you won’t find anywhere else, which I’m kind of proud of,” stated Licari.

Open gym is $35 a month, the Soflete program is $60 a month and there is all the equipment you need in one location to complete your goal. For more information on the business you can visit them at 582-586 E. Main St., call 315-556-1014 or visit them on the web at