Kevin Snell and his wife stand by the GTO that they had when they got married and then lost track of for forty-five years.

by Dave Warner

The final installment of the 2019 summer Cruise Inn at Rotary Park had perfect weather, a crowd of people, a love story, and a grand finale fireworks display.

The love story revolves around a GTO that was found after being lost for many years. Kevin Snell had the car when he was in high school, dating his wife, and then when he got married to her.

Snell said “We had our oldest daughter and we sold it and it was in Little Falls for a while and then a serviceman bought it. Once a serviceman buys it, he’ll ship it to anywhere.”

“The car then disappeared – it just vanished for forty-five years. My wife began tracing the VIN number and she traced it to just north of Akron Ohio,” he said.

They called the owner, thinking that he would probably never call back. “And one Saturday he called back,” Snell said.

The car was undergoing some repairs, so they decided to wait until things were finished before they made a trip to see it. “He got the work done, so we made arrangements to stay overnight. We went out and I talked to him about 20 minutes and I said point-blank ‘would you sell my car back to me?'”

The owner said yes, “but only because of your past history, I’ll sell it to you.”

Snell said, “We got the ball rolling and he got his bills out showing what he’d paid for it and the work he’d done on it, and I paid him the amount that he had in it.”

“So, now we’ve got the car again and tonight is the first time it has been out,” he said.