by Dave Warner

The Danielle Nicole band rolled into Little Falls Friday morning at 4:30 am and that night, they proved that they were as good as all of the publicity leading up to the event had promised.

While Nicole and her band tried to catch a few hours sleep before the day began, a film crew led by former Little Falls resident Ander Kazmerski hit the streets getting footage for a production they were putting together. It had all started with setting up an interview area on the fourth floor of the Inn at Stone Mill the night before.

Kazmerski said, “We were contracted by the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts to capture her show, but also to do a sit-down video interview with her to get a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to be on the road and travel. She’s a mom and I’m sure there are struggles there, rolling into a new town at four am to play a show that day.”

“The idea is to create a little mix of live show and documentary, so we’re going to cut together some of the interview with the B roll and live music that we shoot and put together a bunch of clips that we hope are useful to the Center and also for Danielle,” he stated.

The production team hopes that Danielle Nicole uses what they produce on social media and on her website. “I think for us, as a production company, we will also share it as we have a passion for filming music. This is fun for us and we’re really happy to be here to do that,” Kazmerksi stated.

Once they had set up on the fourth floor of Stone Mill, Nicole arrived for her interview. She covered a wide range of subjects and seemed totally at ease in the setting and with the questions.

She said “When Martin (Babinec) mentioned the opportunity for this I was incredibly grateful. This is really cool.”

When she was asked about getting in at 4:30 am and then having to get up for a full day of shooting and then the concert she said “You just get broken sleep. I’m a mom too, so I just kind of function off of chunks of sleep. It’s a necessary part. The country is really large and in order to reach people, you just have to make the miles work. It’s either that or not getting out here as much as we’d like to.”

Nicole said that the priority for her is her children and their relationship, but that she comes from a family of musicians and feels compelled to keep the tradition of music alive, mentioning that she is a fourth-generation musician. “I feel like I’m fulfilling the family tradition as well.”

She talked about her inner drive and the fact that there is nothing else she would do. “The children understand that momma is meant to sing.”

The band is in their fifth year of being together and she spoke about getting a chance to relax and what it was like to come to places like Little Falls. “One of the things I noticed just this morning in Little Falls is that the birds sound so beautiful when they’re chirping. There was a quiet over the town and it was really, really peaceful and I felt a strong connection here for sure.”

She also said that she loves to dive right into each town she visits. “In a town like this, if I had the whole afternoon off, I’d be walking in and out of all the stores and asking people about the town because this is a really neat town. I like to meet as many people as I can.”

“When you get to travel and be involved in the arts, it’s really very special. A lot of people don’t get to do that,” said Nicole.

The film crew walked her around Little Falls and continued to get footage of her visit to the City, then it was off to Benton Hall.

After setup and a soundcheck, people started showing up at the auditorium.  It was pretty clear that the event was a sell-out as people streamed into the venue until all the seats were taken, except for a couple of rows in the front that had been blocked for the concert.

Local area favorite George Deveny & the Blueprints were the opening act, and they got people up out of their seats and dancing in the front as they wound the crowd up.

After a short intermission, Nicole hit the stage with the other two band members, and they started out loud and strong and never let up during their performance, hardly taking the time for a breath or a sip of water. It was an amazing night of energy, passion, and talent, as each member of the band showed why they have become so popular.

Jordyan Mueller who was the production manager for the event said “I think it was an incredible night of live music that maybe a lot of people aren’t familiar with, so I think we did a great job of exposing the community to something that now, they might really be into, which is cool and exciting.”

“The thing that I’m always astounded by is the ‘all hands on deck’ mentality that people have, especially when you are in a crunch. The good thing about a small community is that you build relationships and those relationships matter and I really feel grateful to have had the opportunity to do this,” said Mueller.

Martin Babinec the show’s producer said “The show itself, was everything I hoped it would be. But, the most amazing and rewarding thing for me personally was seeing the community come together to help make it possible.”

“Arts are an important pillar in building a strong community and by having people turn out as volunteers for a big arts project like this, fuels our hope that it can propel us forward, even more, to build on the strong foundation that Little Falls already has. That’s my hope, that’s what I ‘m really happy about in my day after the concert feeling,” said Babinec.

The Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts and the Mohawk Valley Blues Society were co-sponsors of the concert and according to Babinec, “Both organizations helped get the word out to their own memberships and also became one of the sources of volunteers that brought people in to help. As with any significant undertaking, finding partners who are interested and capable of helping makes a huge difference. Both MVCA and MVBS were important contributors to the concert’s success.”

He went on to say that “We have a lot to be proud of here in Little Falls and my sincerest thanks go to everyone that sold tickets, talked to their friends, helped with day of concert activities, helped build the sets, hang posters, all of those things made a difference, not only in the turnout but the success this event was.”

You can find out more about Danielle Nicole by visiting her website