June is already about to close here, and I am wondering where the time has gone. Time stands still for no one, not yet, anyway! As the clock ticks, I needed to express how I missed Little Falls Art Walk 2023 because it was canceled.

During the early part of the year in 2017, I had my very first photo show at the Little Falls Library, thanks to my aunt and uncle in VA sponsoring me. Right away that summer, I had that same showing to be in my very first Art Walk here in Little Falls. I have so enjoyed being a part of every Little Falls Art Walk since 2017.

Not only that, but I have missed seeing the artwork of all those who also participate. From time to time, I would have a friend visit me from out of town, and if Art Walk was still going on, I would enjoy showing them not only my photos but also the expressions of creativity and art from all the artists who were a part! It was pretty creative how, when the pandemic came along, the Little Falls Art Walk adjusted and added a virtual art walk as well! You have to admit Little Falls, NY, is one of the most creative places on this planet!
I thought to myself, why not have a mini–Little Falls Art Walk 2023 in MyLittleFalls Online Newspaper and encourage others to flood this wonderful publication with some of their pieces as well?

Just a thought! Thanks for reading, and Blessings,

Wanda Faith Sewell

P. S. Here are four photographs I’ve enjoyed capturing in 2023!