by Dave Warner

Bob DeCarlo stepped out into the public eye with a reception at the Little Falls Public Library, highlighting his acrylic-pour flow art. These works are on display from February 1st through March 31, 2022, in the community room of the Little Falls Public Library, a handicap-accessible gallery space.

DeCarlo stated, “I’ve been doing this for about four months. I met Mena Cerone at an Elks dinner, and she said the library has exhibitions. A friend of mine was doing acrylic paintings and I went online to see how they did it because I had no idea what acrylics were.”

He spent time looking at instructional videos and different artists. and started doing some easy acrylic paintings. “Most of my paintings are abstract, and all of them I work through different implements that are available in the kitchen, in the home, wherever.”

DeCarlo uses “strainers, chain pulls, I use all kinds of things that give a distinct pattern of what you see here today.”

He said that he really enjoys the painting and how relaxing it can be. “It’s just wonderful for me,” he said.

DeCarlo says he doesn’t know where it is going to take him, but he is retired from the medical field and he can choose to do whatever he likes.

“Right now I’m just doing it as a hobby, but if someone likes my work and they choose to buy it, we can do that. But I do it because it occupies my time and keeps me out of my wife’s hair.”

He said, “I know absolutely nothing about artwork, figures, or anything like that. I was never interested in doing it until I started with this. Now whether I progress from this to doing abstract – I don’t know at this point,” he stated.

Photo by Dave Warner – Two individuals that attended the reception view Bob’s work.