On Tuesday, May 28, 2024, at 5 pm at the Little Falls Elks Lodge, the Development Team, comprised of Pennrose, Rock City Development, and Integrated Community Alternatives Network, will share their company’s vision about redeveloping a vacant parcel within the City limits.

According to their website and company documents, Project Zaida is an affordable community named for and inspired by the work of Zaida Zoller, chairwoman of the Little Falls Suffrage Club.

It’s a 138-unit, mixed-use project across 17.4 acres with approximately 127,750 square feet of new housing and community amenities, allowing residents:

  • two and three-bedroom units fills identified need for affordable, family-oriented rental housing
  • distinctive design-bucolic wooded location with well-designed stacked townhome
  • daycare provision
  • supportive housing – non-profit partner providing supportive services to 36 households for survivors of domestic, youth aging out of foster care, and veterans
  • green design – 100% electric building

Townhouses & stacked flats embracing the beautiful scenery and open space

  • 138 family-oriented units
    1 Bedroom = 41 units
    2 Bedroom = 86 units
    3 Bedroom = 11 units
  • Centrally Located Community Center
    2,000 SF community facility to be leased to a daycare
    Supportive services office
    Fitness center
    Management suite
  • Ample parking and access to green space

Monthly Rent

…………….30% AMI     60% AMI

1 Bed        $479             $959
2 Bed       $575            $1,150
3 Bed                            $1,329