By Dave Warner

The DiamondDawgs have finished their two days of practice and are ready to take the field tonight in their home opener at 6:35 pm.

Coach Steve Luby says they have some kids who can play.

“We’ve got some great kids here, and some that are still coming, and I’m real excited about our group of kids.”

He said they’re attentive, and they’re here to play, and “That’s all you can ask.”

Luby said, “We always start out slow, and then we catch fire later on. I’d like us to maybe start out a little faster this year and then catch fire again like we always do.”

He went on to say they’ve got some good arms and kids that can swing it. “I think we’re going to be ok.”

“We’re a little thin this year in terms of numbers and position, guys, but overall, I feel pretty good,” he stated.