While the Dawgs were shut out 8-0 tonight by the Adirondack Trail Blazers, there was still plenty of action on the field.

It was retro night for the DiamondDawgs as they donned their Little Falls Mets uniforms.

According to Maynard Blask, “the 1980 Mets throwback – the left fielder on the team was Billy Bean who became and is still the Manager of the Oakland A’s. The second baseman was J. D. Riccardi who became General Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays and the catcher on that team was Lloyd McClendon who became field manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates and the General Manager of that team was Maynard Blask.”

“I go back a long ways” he said. “We were trying to promote collegiate baseball and I wrote to both J. D. Riccardi and Billy Bean asking them in some way to voice some support for collegiate summer baseball which we were into then. Twenty seven years later, they both responded, didn’t forget their roots. Billy Bean wrote a letter to the local paper in support of collegiate baseball and J. D. Riccardi sent back baseball memorabilia to be sold at our concession stand, so they didn’t forget their roots,” he said.

“That’s great stuff…” finished Blask.

Photos by Dave Warner