Photo submitted – Mike Evans is the Director of the Micro Fund.

by Jayne Ritz

Maybe you’ve forgotten our Micro Fund in the time that has elapsed since 2014 when Alice Laurenson established it? She patterned it after one she was familiar with in Ossining, NY.

A 501(c)3 tax-exempt corporation was established with a mission to provide interest-free micro-loans to qualified applicants. Trusted, fair-minded & prudent local citizens volunteered to serve on the Board. Funds were solicited from area donors; individuals, businesses, and foundations stepped forward to establish the funds needed to make the micro-fund a viable entity in our city.

Mike Evans has served as the Director of the Micro Fund for many years with the assistance of an able Board. They offer small, neighborly help to residents finding themselves in need of loans ( maximum $2000.00 ) to tide them over the rough financial spots in life.

This assistance is in the form of small interest-free loans. A loan may be used for unexpected emergencies, to gain or maintain employment, or for a business start-up or expansion. Often a sudden illness or emergency car repairs simply can’t be afforded. These loans can also be used for needed training, licensing/exam fees, or tuition assistance.

Interested applicants can visit the website or call 315-219-9396 or email for an application form. Applicants are initially screened to verify the purpose of the loan and to establish their ability to repay it, interest-free. Help in filling out the application form is available and all personal information is held in strict confidence.

It is so important to remember that regular repayments are essential since the flow of funds back from one applicant is used to help the next. In this way, it is truly one neighbor helping another when financial difficulties arise.

Also remember that the Micro Fund is supported through generous donations from people like you, people who understand the need and support the mission of this very important organization. As a stressful year comes to an end please remember the less fortunate in our city. Please generously support the Little Falls Micro Fund. Donations can be sent to:

Little Falls Micro Fund
PO Box 817
Little Falls NY 13365