The Local Media Association and the Local Media Consortium have launched a major ad campaign, “Support Local News,” in partnership with the Google News Initiative. Backed by $15 million in funding from Google, the campaign will raise awareness of the need and importance of funding newsrooms through subscriptions, donations, and advertising.

“At Google, we value the role of local news in keeping our societies informed and connected with their communities,” said Richard Gingras, Vice President, News, Google. “We have long partnered with the LMA and LMC to enable a strong future for local news. At this crucial time, when the demand for local journalism is especially great and advertising dollars have dwindled, we have joined with the LMA and LMC on this campaign in an effort to encourage everyone – readers, local businesses and advertisers big and small – to play a part in supporting local news.”


Your donation, no matter how large or how small, is invested 100% into My Little Falls local initiatives, and equipment.

Things like,,, and My Little Falls Radio, will all benefit from your involvement.

Let’s make a difference together.  If you have the ability to support just one organization this year, consider keeping your donation local…where you can see the concrete, near-term results, and where it’s likely to do the most good. 

Won’t you join us today? For amounts larger than those depicted below, please email for details.