Staffworks Charitable Fund Opens Fundraising Campaign

Little Falls N.Y. – This holiday season, you can help save an animal’s life by donating to Pause 4 All Paws and having that gift matched dollar-for-dollar. The Staffworks Charitable Fund “Save A Life” Campaign is matching donations made beginning on December 3rd through December 31st.

In addition to matching up to a total of $10,000 from individual donors, the Staffworks Charitable Fund is also awarding a $10,000 bonus to the organization that receives the largest number of donations from individual donors and a $10,000 bonus to the organization that raises the most money during the campaign.

Every organization participating in the Staffworks Charitable Fund “Save A Life” Campaign has the opportunity to receive a total of $30,000 from the Staffworks Charitable Fund.

Pause 4 All Paws is excited to team up with the Staffworks Charitable Fund. This is our 1st year being able to participate in this Campaign. The money raised will be used towards vetting animals, a building or a secure location. This would be beneficial as we are a “different kind of rescue” in that we work with community members when they have a missing pet and pet in danger and/or needing to be rehomed.

There are many situations where families become desperate and “dump” their animals thinking that this is the best option to get their animal into a secure location, not thinking about the risk that comes with this. Pause 4 All Paws and the Staffworks Charitable Fund are committed to helping our community be the voice and support needed in forever changing society. “We (Pause 4 All Paws) look forward to continuing to provide our services to our community and is possible with your continued support”.

The Staffworks Charitable Fund at The Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties was created by Staffworks founder and owner, Anita Vitullo, out of her concern for animals and her belief in their right to life. The Fund promotes humane communities by using company profits from branch office markets in central and southern NY to support organizations that provide care for at-risk animals.

“When you support or adopt from your local animal shelters and rescue organizations you are choosing to save an animal’s life,” Staffworks Charitable Fund Founder Anita Vitullo said. “We’ve invested more than $10 million to reduce animal suffering and help make connections between animals and people.”

This year is a little different. This is how you can make your donation (no matter how big or small double), Checks payable to Pause 4 All Paws that are dated between 12/3 and 12/31 will be doubled. Must state save a life donation.

About Pause 4 All Paws
Pause 4 All Paws is a not-for-profit, all-volunteer organization that is committed to helping our community and its members in Herkimer County and surrounding communities. Pause For all Paws will help our community and its members by educating our youth and community, reuniting animals to homes that are safe and caring, we will re-home animals to families as needed, supporting spaying and neutering of animals, assisting and making referrals to other agencies within Herkimer County and surrounding areas that will help keep animals and their families together in safe and caring environments to ensure all needs are being met.

About the Staffworks Charitable Fund
The Staffworks Charitable Fund at The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties was established in 2006. In June of 2018, The Fund distinguished itself as the first Community Foundation $10 million fund with a living fundholder. Visit for more information.