By Dave Warner

Crews have started digging up parts of Danube Street on the south side as part of a multi-location approach to fixing several problems in the City. The grant, administered by DASNY, was awarded in 2018. DASNY is New York State’s public finance and construction authority and is a national leader in the municipal bond market.

According to City Engineer Chet Szymanski III, the grant covers four projects. Carden Creek, Smith Creek, Danube Street, and Diamond Street. Carden Creek and Smith Creek were completed last fall, but the weather changed quickly, and they couldn’t finish the concrete and paving work.

“They’re starting back up now that the weather is decent. Over on Danube Street, there are drainage concerns because, in the past, there has been poor drainage, which has caused a couple of issues. The big creek coming down the hill that goes into a pipe by the bike trail and daylights there,” he stated.

He said there’ll be improvements to that with a couple of new catch basins on Danube Street to relieve flooding. “There’s a ditch on the south side of the street that we are going to open up and put some new piping and culvert crossings in. If you go up the street towards the A-frame, there are a couple of culvert crossings where there are some springs on the south side. Those old metal pipes have deteriorated.”

Szymanski said it will alleviate some flooding in the area. “There’s an ancient guide rail on the north side of Danube as you go up towards the A-frame that is going to be replaced as well.”

The bulk of the construction is expected to take about a week and a half. “When the weather turns a little bit nicer, they’re going to mill the street from the eastern end down to where it flattens out,” he said.

Next, they’ll be starting on Diamond Street. “That’s going to be a bigger project over there. There’s no storm drain on the eastern end of Diamond Street, which is causing flooding in the spring and damage to the retaining wall on the south side of the street,” Szymanski stated.

Unfortunately, he said the grant didn’t cover work to repair that wall. “But we’re getting new sidewalks, storm drainage, and some sanitary manholes.”

He said that right now, the drainage wraps around Jackson Street and then comes down Monroe Street, just all in the road. “We’re going to be capturing all that and bringing it down High Street to tie in with a pipe to the creek that runs across High Street. So that will alleviate some flooding issues over there and give us some new streetscaping.”

About 400 feet of paving and sidewalks will be added on Diamond Street, and approximately 800 feet of paving on Danube.

The contractor has posted their contact information on each door for anyone concerned about traffic flow in the construction area on Danube street and will do the same once the begin on Diamond Street.