Justin Masi (front) along with Matt Aloisio and Niall Pepper, scrape paint off of the walls in the Route 5/Canal Place Tunnel.

by Dave Warner

Justin Masi has finally begun his Eagle Scout project to rehab the Route 5/Canal Place Tunnel. He had wanted to start back in October, but permissions and weather got in the way of the fall start.

However, now the project has begun and they are in the ‘cleaning’ phase. “We’re scraping all the flaking paint, then next week and through the upcoming weeks, we’re going to patch the concrete where it needs it,” said Justin.

They are currently waiting for dry enough weather so that they can paint as well.

Masi is seeking bids from companies that will supply both new cameras and LED lighting.

They’ve also changed one part of the project, where instead of putting plexiglass over the mural to protect it, they are going to go with a graffiti-resistant clear coating.

Retired Little Falls Police Chief Masi, Justin’s dad said, “We’ll be painting that sealant over it. It’s expensive stuff, but it’s top of the market and it should protect the mural from any future damage.”

They are going to paint the opposite side of the tunnel that doesn’t have a mural with just the regular paint and will wait to see if another mural is created before protecting it with the special sealant.

Once the new lighting is installed, it will be motion-activated and the cameras will have remote storage capability.

If you would like to support the project, you may call Michael Masi at 315-534-3597 or email mmasi1@twcny.rr.com